Stromputer is an Arduino based open source project, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, that adds the following features to a Mk1 (2004-2011) Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycles (DL650, DL1000):
  • Auxiliary LCD display that can reside on the handle bar
  • Show battery level indicator in volts (LCD)
  • Show ambient/air temperature (F or C) (LCD)
  • Digital LCD Display of gear position
  • Analog display of gear position using 6 LEDs
  • Automatic adjustment of LCD display back light and LED brightness using a photo sensor (i.e. at darkness dim LCD display, at full bright day brighten display)
  • Configuration and diagnostics shell (command line) using serial communication, with a laptop and USB using Putty or Arduino IDE - can also be done while bike is running!
  • Upgrade of Firmware through USB port - can also be done while bike is running.
  • Other future features (V4) - Show accurate fuel gauge (in %), Show fuel consumption (MPG or KM/L), Fix fuel gauge to become linear, Show air humidity, GPS Track Recorder, Internet Position Notifier ("Spot" like functionality but via 3G internet)

The photo below shows the first prototype ("V1") installed and running on a 2011 DL650A Suzuki V-Strom.
12.1V battery voltage, 1st gear with an ambient temperature of 51.5FL

Project Life cycle and versions


A single fully functional prototype (shown in photo and video above) that is running on BigMan73 (Yuval's) 2011 Suzuki DL-650A.
Uses Arduino Duemilanove.


A fully functional prototype, based on V1, that was re-designed for cost savings.
Uses the smaller and cheaper Arduino Nano V3.
A few builders built it on breadboard, but never installed on the motorcycle, to make sure it works (and it did).

V3 (Current)

A fully functional solution, based on V2, that is using a custom designed PCB.

Building The Stromputer (V3)

The Stromputer is not a product, but a DIY kit that can be built and installed by anyone with basic technical skills and a simple soldering iron (with optional but recommended basic multi-meter).
Full building instructions can be found here.

Project Management

There are currently four versions of the project. For more info refer to the Versions page.
Project features and road map are managed through a Trello project.


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